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PATENT PENDING & now LIVE on the APPLE STORE:  immersive, wearable and smart media-on-demand that can read your emotions. Pioneering the future of media and entertainment: Mapped to go, and now launching

Discover films shot in your own neighborhood. Watch top-ranked films, rated by viewers' heartbeat response. Check how many calories you lose while watching them, and vote with your heart, for the films that move you the most. Cinemmerse is pioneering the future of news and entertainment.  Think 'premium Vimeo meets premium Rotten Tomatoes' - with cutting edge wearable technology added. 

As a special feature for our launch; watch Trump, Brexit and UK election ads, rate them by your heartbeat response, and see how many calories you lose by getting worked up about them. Do Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn raise your pulse?  Do Trump / Hillary ads give you a heart attack, or are you desensitised by them? 

We wowed the Financial Times, the Web Summit ('Davos for Geeks') and major tech events from the World Technology Summit at the Rockefeller Center in NY, to the leading tech summit in the world's tech hub- Ukraine. And we're now open for film submissions.

Cinemmerse is now launching. Register/login in the bottom right of the screen, below. Calling early adopters of the future of film...

MOVE ME. Move the map, and find a movie that moves your heart. Literally. 


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