Cutting edge advantages for producers

Cinemmerse has been produced by a filmmaker, for fellow filmmakers.


There are a lot of VOD services out there. But do they give you any extra services than just a webpage hosting your film file and info?  Effectively, that's just a glorified file share. Instead of having to transfer your film to a friend/family member or festival, you give them the Vimeo link, right?  But still you have to find audiences, they don't find you. And you don't have any analytics on your work other than the number of clicks.  And they say it's "Free" but you will likely find your film is being used as fodder for advertising - because in the end, someone has to cover the minimum costs of hosting content (videos are large files to store on servers) and unless your film boasts Brad Pitt in it, that's usually not the audience. If it's not the producer- that will be an advertiser.

Youtube interrupts films with ads. And it will take you thousands of views to earn just a few cents with Youtube royalties.

We'd like to change that, and give you more valuable feedback that is worth thousands, and a new way for audiences to discover YOU.


- help for filmmakers in hardship and for women in film. We are the only platform offering discounts and waivers to the filmmakers who need it, to combat the lack of opportunities for women and filmmakers of color and so that everyone has an opportunity for talent to shine.


- geolocation of your movie.  We put your film on the map – literally.  Your film is added to our cine-maps, so new viewers have an opportunity to discover your work.  On Platforms like Vimeo and Youtube, you're on a site with so many million films no-one can hear you scream.  You''ll be lost in the sea of content.  Youtube has a reputation as a place people go to find music videos. And a place where people post cat videos. It's not a place where people go to find new movies- except pirated blockbusters.  On Vimeo, unless you are lucky enough to be in a curated 'Vimeo staff pick', will viewers ever discover your work? Filmmakers usually use Vimeo as a file-sharing service. Independent filmmakers need more options- and opportunities for new audiences to find their films.  Cinemmerse offers you new avenues to have your work discovered.  We will help you find audiences that will be particularly interested in your movie scene (with our cinemap alert, coming soon) and also social issues.


- We have less films, and vet films for quality, so you get more exposure.  Our Cinemmerse Pro selection is for invited filmmakers only, so we vet the quality of our content, so audiences can trust that their time on Cinemmerse won't be wasted sifting through spammers' films-as-ads.  


- Scientifically based analytics, from bio-metric response. What was the audiences heart beat response to your movie? find out with our heart-starter ratings. WHY? As a filmmaker, who wouldn't want to know? Also use your 5 star rating to brag to film festivals. Get featured on our top-rated films page.

Plus the traditional opinion-based 


- Financial returns at competitive rates.  Our Pay Per view plan is more affordable than Vimeo. And you keep 90% royalties on the earnings too. So instead of paying a high commission to a sales representative for licensing your work, by promoting and distributing yourself  as pay per view you could cover back the costs of hosting your work as pay per view and monetize your work.  For example, if your 100 friends watch your film on Cinemmerse Pro for $4.99,  instead of for free, you will have earned $499.  That easily repays back the $49 subscription for Cinemmerse Pro, with $449 profit. And you're still a free agent, without any conttracts

You can switch between plans whenever you like. 


- Privacy options.  password protected views and free views - whatever you choose.


- No contracts, and non-exclusivity. So you're free to show your film anywhere and everywhere you like.


- No ads


- Be part of history.  Cinemmerse is the first to pioneer these new features, using cutting edge technology. By putting your films on Cinemmerse, you are helping innovate the future of film.


- Smart Recommendations system

Cinemmerse has a smart recommender system for audiences,  ("Your heart-starter ratings showed you reacted strongly to this film, so you might also react to this..."), which means audiences could be given a direct recommendation to watch YOUR film, for its emotional impact. 


- women and filmmakers of color are welcome here. 

Cinemmerse is founded by a woman- who is not American.  We're all about closing the gender gap, and the diversity gap. Follow @WendyDent on twitter and you''ll see she's been tweeting about these issues long before #OscarsSoWhite was a hashtag and diversity became a buzz word. We're making a point to reach out to women in film and filmmakers from all nationalities, and to give financial assistance for our services to women in film, filmmakers of color, and filmmakers from developing countries, and will also be ensuring that lots of films by women, and films from across the globe, get a high profile in our galleries of films.



- we coming soon, we will be offering further features to help filmmaker to receive donations for their work.  We've been hard at work on this already. First, we're launching a whole range of services, pioneering a 'smart' film platform for smart audiences.