Advantages for viewers: Cutting edge new features

Did you get overly emotionally-wrought by the US election ads? Do horror films nearly give you a heart attack?  

Do you feel understimulated by media? Do you worry that you (or your children) are getting over-stimulated, or have A.D.D?  

Media is one of the most powerful forces on our mental and physical health. With Cinemmerse, now you can check your emotional response.


Our mission is to show you your pulse reaction to media. And to solve your pain point: 100 channels and nothing to watch.


We have never-before-done-in-cinema features that nobody else is offering you: - media ratings based on your pulse response. Did it start your heart?


WHY use Cinemmerse?

- check your pulse response to media

- see how many calories you lost while watching powerful movies. We'll reward you with credit points you can use to watch pay-per-view movies, when you build up lots of burned calories. It's our frequent fliers for film fans.

- travel the world to locations you’re interested in. With our Cine-Map, you can open a new window into a world of stories.

- follow the social issues you care about

- buy local, watch local.  Support films in your neighborhood.  Search our Cine-map, with satellite imagery, to watch films on the countries you're interested in, and travelling to.    We'll be featuring documentaries from independent filmmakers and journalists, so you can follow the cinematic selections and the video news in your area.

- search by our tags to self-select what you are interested in. Women filmmakers? We'll show you a wonderful selection. Films on social issues?  Let us help you find films on everything you're passionate about.

- Help our most talented to thrive: support fair trade filmmaking. We give filmmakers a better deal than Vimeo, and you will be bringing out further ways you can support the filmmakers you're fans of.

- Buy Credit point packages, for more convenience.  We know it's a hassle to pull out your credit card every time you want to watch a short film. So we make it easier, with packages of credit points you can pre-pay in advance. With one quick click of a button, you can then watch Cinemmerse on Demand.