FAQ/ Getting started

I have the app!  How do I register/ sign up?

- Click the globe to enter! You'll find the login/ sign-up in the bottom right corner.  Because we try to keep things stylish.


I registered my account. Where is the email confirmation?
- Please check your spam folder as most likely your spam filters sent it there.  If not, please email us at admin[at] cinemmerse.com so we can verify your account for you



- Should I set the base 'heartbeat' at any time?

This is to set your heartbeat at rest. It's recommended that you get that measure when you first wake up in the meaning, before you start your day.

Studies that have been done on the affect of movies on your pulse (eg studies on horror films like the Shining etc) count their heartbeat increases against that standard. 


- I'm clicking on the map. how do I close the poster?

Simply click a second time.


- Is there satellite imagery? 

Yes. Click the 'S', and zoom in


NB: More clips are coming!  We have prioritised getting the French election ads for you first!