Press announcement June 2017

The patent-pending Cinemmerse app is now launching and live in the Apple App store, so you can rate your favorite movies/TV by your heartbeat response, and see how many calories you lost by watching them. Plus, as a special feature for the UK election, Cinemmerse is featuring May/Corbyn ads, Brexit ads and Trump ads. How much do you get worked up by them, and who moves you the most? The Cinemmerse app shows you.


CINEMMERSE introduces a smart watch app for movies, with a twist: it measures your pulse rate so you can see your emotional response, real time, then gives a 5 star rating based on how much it moved you. 


The app is an extension to the startup’s innovative website for smart ‘cinema-on-demand’ that can sense your emotions.  The business model? Think premium Vimeo meets Rotten tomatoes/IMDB. 

Cinemmerse is a fusion of films, mapping, and wearable technology analytics-  Founded, invented and coded by a woman.


It’s a long way from Melanesia to Silicon Valley: Wendy Dent was born in a tropical South Pacific town full of coconut trees and volcanoes on the Ring of Fire in Papua New Guinea, then graduated in Australia with top marks in IT, and a film degree from University of Technology Sydney.  She is now an award-winning filmmaker turned media-tech entrepreneur, who has been featured by leading tech events and press around the globe.  Ms. Dent was also honored as one of the world’s top 200, when she was selected for a 5 year term as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader together with Will I Am, Chelsea Clinton and other luminaries in the class of 2013. 


After making it all the way to the Bay, Ms. Dent had meetings at Intel and Apple HQ about her invention prototype, but faced a drought of developers and funding for women, while she was on her last dime. So she self-taught herself how to code. “When I made programming breakthroughs, I’d reward myself with a splurge: coffee with milk!”  Her first-ever app is now patent-pending, with paying users, and approved by Apple for release.


With Cinemmerse, Ms. Dent is pioneering smarter media on your mobile and the future of immersive entertainment and news - on demand and on the go.


Watch your favorite TV and movies with the app, to see whether House of Cards or Wonder Woman makes your heart race, or whether Saturday Night Live makes you laugh until you cry.   For the political junkies; you can also ‘vote with your heart’ on the US, French and UK election ads.  Do Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn send you to sleep? Maybe Marine Le Pen raises your pulse rate while Emmanuel Macron makes you flat-line? Do the Brexit campaigns still move you, or are you desensitized to them by now?  And do Trump’s ads give you a heart attack? With Cinemmerse’s app, see how many calories you lose getting worked up about them.



Cinemmerse 'takes the pulse' on your response to movies and online media and puts it to exciting uses.

In the flood of digital content that we're 'immersed in', how can we find the best films? By innovating with the Apple Watch, Cinemmerse gives a more objective, scientifically based ‘star rating’ to films, based on emotional response.

Founder Wendy Dent says "the movie reviews, film distribution and awards circuits are often not about the film, they’re about the filmmaker. It’s often about “who you know”. So the movies that reach the market are often not the best or even the most popular films – they’re the most connected filmmakers. And the ‘opinion’ rating systems for films are often neither accurate or honest."

“IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and other sites’ ratings are based on people’s opinions, maybe months or years later, without any set criteria or even any proof they’ve even watched the movie. Independent filmmakers often get friends to rate up results. Also with studio movies, there’s concerns that bots have been used to jimmy up the rankings”, says Ms. Dent. "With Cinemmerse, I’ll be challenging that- big time."

“To test Cinemmerse, I watched horror films - while measuring my pulse. And I watched heart-tugger films like Kramer vs Kramer. Because it's not only horror films that make your heart jump. Tear-jerkers, romances and action films all have an impact. Scientific studies show laughter is also good for the heart, so comedies are good for your body as well as your soul. Couch potato is no longer a bad thing – because data shows that when people watch horror movies like The Shining, their heart rate can spike nearly 30%, and they lose the equivalent of a chocolate bar of calories. That means you can watch a film, while eating a chocolate, and a good film leaves you guilt free.” tracks that for you too- giving you access to your own personal dashboard with  your calorie count, plus ‘frequent flier award’ style user-points for each calorie you lose by watching powerful emotive media on Cinemmerse.

Knowing what raises your pulse, Cinemmerse future releases will be integrating smart features to bring you better film recommendations.

Cinemmerse’s experimentation with new forms of analytics and mapping will have exciting applications in the emerging sectors of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. “The ‘big vision’ goal with Cinemmerse is to pioneer responsive media. We’re creating the possibility for interactive films, by being the first to provide a platform that can not only sense emotional reactions to movies, but respond to it”.



Wendy Dent

[email protected]