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Welcome to Cinemmerse. Join us

We have a range of plans available for filmmakers. Cinemmerse Starter (free, 100mb limit). Cinemmerse Pro: $9.90 monthly - including pay per view (more affordable than Vimeo Pro)

But to be included in our launch, you'll want in, on our premium plan- Cinemmerse Select, for just $49.00 (less than the price of many film festival entry fees, and less than Vimeo's equivalent Business plan, but with more cutting edge features, only available on Cinemmerse)



- your films hosted on the Cinemmerse website, with pay per view, free to view, and password-protected pages, and a tip jar. Free (optional) linked profile (commission-free) on our new crowdfunding platform,




- your films featured on the Cinemmerse app (your film literally "on the map", plus heartbeat ratings, for advanced analytics/feedback on your work)

- at least one heartbeat response rating for at least one film, guaranteed




- profiles in our 'Cinemmerse Select' featured films galleries, and as one of our 'featured filmmakers''

- links to your films posted on our social media accounts; twitter and facebook




- priority support. We'll set your film up for you, to get you going straight away.



NB: Cinemmese Pro subscriptions are for approved films/ filmmakers only. Why? We're a premium platform. We're not Youtube, and we don't accept cat videos. We also don't allow explicit, sexist, racist, pornographic or terrorist media on Cinemmerse. We will contact you within 48 hours to verify your film is eligible. If your film is not approved within one week, you will receive an immediate refund by Paypal. We restrict objectionable content from our app for legal requirements, otherwise we are open to all artistic content and genres, from short to feature films, from conventional to experimental. We look forward to viewing your work.

NB:  As a special for our launch, we're also offering approved filmmakers a discounted 3 month plan on Cinemmerse Select - $99 for 3 months. Contact us to get your discount code.